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Mr. Malibu's Four Day Extravaganza 

Experience the World Famous Beaches, Extraordinary Canyon Hikes, Exhilarating Fine Dining on the Water,

Amazing Malibu History at The Malibu Adamson House Museum, The Serra Retreat, and The J. Paul Getty Museum.  
* Walk on Malibu's Carbon Beach known as "Billionaire's Beach" where David Geffen, Dr. Dre, Rob Reiner, Larry Ellison, Rick Caruso, former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, and others own homes.  

* Take the Beach Tour of the World Famous Malibu Colony with Mr. Malibu - home to Tom Hanks, Sting, A&M Records founder Jerry Moss, Jim Carey, and other movie stars and billionaires. 

* Tour Paradise Cove Beach where Sergey Brin, the owner of Google, Steve Job's wife, Marc Andreesen - owner of CoinBase, and McKenzie Scott - Jeff Bezos' former wife, and Jan Koun -creator of What's App own mansions. 

* Walk on Malibu Road Beach and see homes of Barry Manilow, John Cusack, Adam Sandler, Billionaire Sarah McMillian, Chuck Lorre, Walmart Billionaire Paige Laurie, David Duchovny -Star of the X-Files, and other stars.

* Tour the Luxury Shopping Center titled "The Lumber Yard" owned by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Cindy Crawford.


* Fine Dining at Westward Beach's The Sunset Restaurant, 

   -Carbon Beach's Nobu owned by Robert DeNiro 

  -The world's longest restaurant dining room overlooking the water at Duke's Malibu

  -The world famous Moonshadows Restaurant where Malibu locals and celebrities frequently dine.

  -The Exclusive Private Carbon Beach restaurant The Beach House.

  -Sensational Gourmet Ice Cream at Broad Street Malibu.

  -Malibu Farm Restaurant on the historic Malibu Pier at Surfrider Beach- the former location of the world famous Alice's Restaurant.

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